RightFax-GE Centricity & GE ImageCast Integration

RightFax integration with GE Healthcare solutions (GE/IDX), such as GE Centricity and GE ImageCast for diagnostic imaging, provides proven and reliable enterprise fax and e-document delivery capabilities, combined with encrypted and certified delivery options and world-class support. These tailored solutions give healthcare organizations an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy and affordable way to support HIPAA compliance initiatives, streamline business processes and reduce administrative costs. RightFax-GE software solutions can integrate with other healthcare information systems and other business applications to provide enterprise fax capabilities. This provides features that allow authorized users and departments to send, receive and track sensitive personal health information (PHI) and other important documents in a secure, reliable and efficient way. This helps organization gain the mot from their healthcare information systems and turn how they distribute information into a strategic advantage.

RightFax-GE Integration Capabilities

RightFax extends its market-leading features to optimize GE healthcare solutions for improved internal processes. RightFax provides GE healthcare users with a added document delivery features that allow for streamlined exchange of information within an organization and between disparate entities. RightFax provides many added capabilities, including:
  • Electronic delivery and receipt of medical information via fax, email or the Internet
  • Secure delivery of PHI and other vital communications
  • Automated delivery of fax receipt
  • Ability to send and receive faxes directly from GE IDX software
  • Encrypted and certified delivery of documents
  • User permissions to restrict document review from unauthorized users
RightFax provides GE Centricity and GE ImageCast users with an end-to-end document delivery system that drastically improves internal processes through leveraging organizations' existing infrastructural investments. GE Centricity and GE ImageCast integration with RightFax allows for safe transmission of PHI contained in prescription orders, physician notes, patient referrals and other documents in a manner that is friendly to the user community, allowing for little disruption of business processes and care provision.

RightFax-GE Healthcare Benefits

The added features and functionalities RightFax provides GE Centricity and GE ImageCast grants healthcare organizations with a strategic advantage when facing the pressures facing today's healthcare industry. Rising costs and increasing regulatory mandates have placed strain on healthcare organizations. Integrating RightFax with GE ImageCast and GE Centricity serves as a cost-effective solution that helps to alleviate the burden felt by such pressures. RightFax extends a number of benefits to healthcare organizations, including:
  • Support compliance and other regulatory mandates
  • Cut document delivery costs
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Provide secure, efficient and reliable document delivery
  • Improve patient care through more time information exchange
  • Provision of centralized location for all document distribution
Integrating RightFax with an organization's GE Healthcare products allows organizations to face the demands of today's healthcare industry. RightFax extends the market-leading digital fax solution to GE Healthcare to provide for a cost-effective, simple to manage and secure document delivery system that effectively improves patient care.

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