RightFax Integration with MEDITECH MAGIC

Healthcare workflow automation is more attainable than ever when your organization deploys an OpenText RightFax digital fax solution alongside its MEDITECH MAGIC platform. Even though the MAGIC language dates back over three decades, and many providers have been using it for years, RightFax integration opens up a world of 21st-century fax and document management possibilities. With cost and regulatory pressures always on the rise, now is an opportune time to explore whether a RightFax-MEDITECH integration makes sense. Many healthcare providers find substantial cost reductions and even an ROI within a year—not to mention immediate compliance benefits when scattered and hard-to-trace paper faxes turn into secure electronic documents.

Long-Term Fax Advantages with RightFax

RightFax is, and has long been, the worldwide market leader in enterprise fax technology, thanks in large part to its extensive and robust integration possibilities. No matter whether you plan to maintain your MAGIC environment for years to come, or are on the cusp of transitioning to a new platform altogether, you can count on RightFax to operate smoothly and securely. Many of RightFax’s benefits apply almost universally within the healthcare industry. For instance, it enables clients to take advantage of:
  • Compatibility with essentially all software, including native integrations with most major EMR/EHR and workplace applications
  • Highly detailed document audit trail
  • Unfailing, sophisticated, and fully customizable security and storage options
  • Straightforward email and multi-function printer (MFP) integration
  • Broad range of on-site, cloud, and hybrid server and telecom architecture

The Experts on RightFax-EHR Integration

Paperless Productivity’s team has deployed numerous RightFax systems with virtually every healthcare information system in existence. Clients rely on our technical and project management expertise to ensure a smooth implementation that makes efficient use of RightFax’s capabilities. Moreover, every RightFax project is backed up by North America’s premier RightFax support help desk and thorough, customized training.Contact Paperless Productivity today to learn more about automating your document processes with RightFax and MEDITECH MAGIC.

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