RightFax-NextGen Integration

RightFax integrates with NextGen EMR to provide healthcare organizations with a tool to address the demand of today's healthcare industry. Stricter compliance regulations, growing government mandates and increasing operational costs continue to put pressure on healthcare organizations. The ability to safely, securely and quickly distribute documents, such as patient information (PHI) is of chief importance for patient-oriented healthcare organizations. Integrating RightFax with NextGen EMR extends the best-of-breed, market leading digital fax solution to accommodate the information exchange to and from NextGen EMR. RightFax grants NextGen users and adopters with a certified and tested integration that supports HIPAA compliance, reduces costs and streamlines the process of distributing PHI and other data in and out of NextGen.

RightFax-NextGen Integration Capabilities

RightFax integrates with NextGen via the built in NextGen Fax Manager utility. The integration grants healthcare organizations the ability to send and receive directly to and from the NextGen EMR, improving the exchange of documents such as prescriptions, physician's notes, patient referrals and claims forms in a secure and efficient manager. RightFax extends multiple features that optimizes NextGen EMR use and aids compliance, including:
  • Ability to fax prescriptions, physician notes, radiology reports, patient referrals, patient surveys, and other PHI via NextGen
  • Email integration with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and Google Mail for centralized, familiar document exchange conduit
  • User permissions to secure PHI to only those authorized to review
  • Full auditability for tracking and control of fax activity
  • Certified and encrypted document delivery options
  • Automated notification of fax receipt
The extension of RightFax's document distribution capabilities grants NextGen users an answer to the pressures felt by the modern healthcare industry. RightFax creates a rich user experience to digitally distribute PHI and other healthcare related documents. RightFax streamlines the distribution of documents and provides features that further enhance HIPAA compliance, thus maximizing an organizations investment in NextGen.

RightFax Integration with NextGen Benefits

Integrating RightFax and NextGen creates a powerful information exchange system that is cost-efficient, secure and simple to manage. Organizations leveraging the RightFax-NextGen integration can expect to witness a handful of benefits, such as:
  • Reduced document delivery costs
  • Regulatory compliance support at all stages of fax transmission and storage
  • Elimination of time consuming, expensive and error prone paper-based faxing
  • Customizable inbound fax delivery to email, web-client or network folder for added employee efficiency
RightFax integration with NextGen provides healthcare organizations a HIPAA compliant solution that maximizes productivity, reduces costs and streamlines businesses processes in the face of immense pressures. RightFax provides a quick, stable and secure platform for PHI delivery both within and between healthcare organizations, leveraging FoIP technology to maximize EMR investment and provide healthcare entities with a strategic advantage.</pIntegration is also possible with essentially all software your organization may have deployed, including both clinical applications (such as Allscripts, GE / IDX, Cerner, and various Pharmacy / Rx solutions), business software, and even most multi-function devices.Contact Paperless Productivity today to learn more about digital fax integration and RightFax support for your NextGen EHR.

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