RightFax-SAP Integration

RightFax integrates with SAP<!--RightFax integrates with SAP--> to provide a document delivery system that optimizes an organizations investment in SAP through the extension of added capabilities. RightFax integrates with SAP via the RightFax SAP Connector providing native integration with ERP system. RightFax in collaboration with SAP applications provides companies an improved ability to route and track process, documents and data. These added capabilities provide gains in productivity and streamline operations while reducing costs and maximizing corporate information and infrastructure investments.

RightFax SAP Integration Capabilities

RightFax provides SAP users with a host of added capabilities that enhance productivity and existing infrastructure. Business units and organizations use SAP to streamline business processes and promote cooperation and synergy within and across work groups and departments. The execution of various business processes and day-to-day operations requires the creation and distribution of business-critical documents, such as payment orders, invoices, quotes etc. RightFax effectively automates the distribution of documents within SAP and provides best-of-breed functionality to optimize an organization's SAP application, including capabilities such as:

  • Ability to fax documents directly to and from SAP applications
  • Batch-oriented delivery
  • Certified and encrypted delivery options
  • Email integration for email to fax capabilities(Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes)
  • Full audit trail of document delivery
  • Maintenance of original document image

By integrating with RightFax, the market leading digital fax solution, SAP leverages a feature-rich document distribution system that enables business to execute various processes in a simpler, streamlined and secure manner.

RightFax integration with SAP

RightFax Integration with SAP Benefits

Integrating SAP with RightFax leverages multiple added capabilities and functionalities, enhancing the efficacy of SAP and, as a result, enhancing an organization's business processes. Businesses and organizations rely on the timely transmission and distribution of business critical documents. RightFax provides SAP with a document distribution conduit that grants multiple benefits, including:

  • Secure distribution of business information
  • Improved security of business documents
  • Reduced document delivery times
  • Shorter business cycle for Accounts Receivable and Purchasing departments
  • Reduced costs associated with traditional fax
  • Improved employee productivity and efficiency
  • Improved compliance efforts through auditability

SAP-RightFax integration improves an organizations processes through enhanced information exchange. RightFax serves as a cost-effective solution that ensures compliance, improves employee productivity, and optimizes existing infrastructure to give businesses and other organizations the strategic advantage necessary to succeed in the fast-paced, 21st-entury marketplace.

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