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A direct fax-to-EMR process eludes many organizations even as EHR / EMR software grows in sophistication. And of those health care applications that do include a fax module, reliability and configuration options are generally quite limited, with no possibilities of expanding electronic fax services to other applications. But for the time being, fax and EMRs must coexist. As troublesome as paper documents are, health care organizations will benefit from establishing a simple EMR faxing workflow that virtually eliminates paper altogether. In doing so, medical offices can also facilitate HIPAA compliance by maintaining stricter control over the transmission and visibility of protected health information.

Implementing Paperless EMR Faxing

Paper records, test reports, notes, and other documents are critical to patient care, but also a drain on resources. They’ve usually required manually picking up a fax from the machine, scanning it page by page, and organizing the digital files. Besides labor costs and privacy concerns, this “old-school” EMR faxing workflow runs through paper and toner at an alarming rate, and requires numerous fax machines that use dedicated phone lines and fill limited floor/counter space. With a digital fax solution, however, the fax-to-EMR process becomes free of paper—and even automatic.
  • Eliminate all paper from inbound and outbound faxing
  • Automatically route to and send from your EMR
  • Provide electronic desktop faxing in all other applications and most MFPs / MFDs, as well
  • Facilitate OCR-fax integration to automate the processing of common forms

Common EMR Fax Integration

RightFax already offers native integrations with the leading EMRs and workplace applications, and additional integrations are continually in development. Specific opportunities and requirements usually depend on the local IT environment, so please refer to your fax consultant concerning your specific EMR system. Generally speaking, the most widely implemented EMR faxing projects among our clients have included:Paperless Productivity brings a longstanding presence in the health care fax niche, and unsurpassed technical expertise concerning fax, telecom, and EMR-fax integration. Our clients include every type and size of provider, as well as both public and private organizations from other parts of the health care industry. And most importantly, all of them have created a robust, cost-effective, and highly secure fax-to-EMR workflow by partnering with our solutions architects. For further information about our EMR faxing project services and follow-up RightFax support, please contact a representative at your convenience.

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