Print Suppression Strategies

Print suppression strategies from Paperless Productivity® allow for enhanced security, increased efficiency, and greater ability to track and archive documents. Such benefits are achieved because vital business information such as purchase orders, invoices, and statements can be electronically exchanged via fax, email, certified email, encrypted PDF and SMS.

Print Suppression

Print Suppression Benefits

Print suppression strategies aim to eliminate an organization's need to print documents and to eliminate an organization's commitment to paper-based processes. The elimination of paper use through electronic exchange offers organizations a host of benefits including:

Increased Responsiveness to Customers

As soon as a purchase order is received, it can be digitally scanned and indexed based on customer defined values, such as customer name, customer number, purchase order, and date. Rather than being printed, the purchase order can automatically be sent for processing, improving an enterprise’s responsiveness to customers. Printed incoming faxes no longer have to wait in piles, waiting to be couriered manually to the proper place. Instead, they can stay paperless and trigger a string of automated business processes, immediately reaching the necessary recipient for faster processing.

Adherence to Regulatory Mandates

With heightened regulatory mandates to retain and manage information for compliance and risk-reduction purposes, organizations are under more pressure than ever to provide long-term, secure storage of fax messages. Once a document is printed, many of its security properties are lost. Support an organization’s record-keeping and compliance goals with automatic archiving and by adding user permissions and policies to sensitive documents. Whether your organization is subject to Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, or other mandates, print suppression can maximize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of compliance efforts.

Making a Direct Impact to Your Bottom Line

By allowing multiple users to send, receive, and access documents and manuals in electronic form, the need for printing is significantly reduced, potentially saving thousands of dollars. Avoid costs associated with storage, lost documents, postage, waste, transportation, and labor inefficiency. Save time with shortened month-end closing processes, enjoy automated electronic invoice processing, online check proofing, automatic audit and trail of invoices, immediate online invoice access, and receipts via fax, mail, or image.

Improvement of Cash Flows through Automated Invoice Processing

Suppressing the printing of faxes will reduce the need for manual processing of invoices, expediting the sending, receiving, and payment workflow processes. These paperless invoices will speed up the accounts receivable workflow, giving the organization healthier cash flows. Electronic invoices that were suppressed in the print process will be electronically distributed to the proper recipients, and can trigger workflow automation processes to avoid manual processing of redundant tasks. Automated proof of delivery gives customer service representatives and collections personnel all the information needed to quickly resolve payment disputes while freeing up personnel for more mission-critical processes. Once accessed, documents can be printed, faxed, or e-mailed to requesters, speeding payment of invoices that have been “lost”. This process provides proof of receipt to those customers who respond to collection calls with, “I never received the goods”.

Easier Tracking and Archiving

Rather than being printed, incoming faxes can automatically be archived in an electronic database. This makes way for easier tracking and archiving of paperless invoices, along with any other incoming fax message. Easily search for a specific fax, or search for specific text within faxes, then print only the needed pages and easily forward and send faxes right from a desktop. All inbound and outbound faxes can be audited to ensure accountability.

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