Managed Services & BPO for Providers

Most provider organizations have matured around heavily manual workflows. These usually suffice at early stages but limit growth (or make it painfully expensive) past a certain point. Optical character recognition (OCR) technology has gone a long way to loosen this constraint. Virtually any predictable document can be automated, from patient registration and health history forms through Rx orders. But for some providers, it makes more sense to offload the processes around documents like these. Ideally, one solution or service will addresses not just final EDI creation but also scheduling, mailroom operations, patient intake and history forms, coding and billing, and so forth throughout the revenue cycle.

The Paperless Productivity® Managed Service Difference

Automated and managed document processing have generally been mutually exclusive. Outsourcing is nothing new, but still relies on manual effort with its typical problems of accuracy and scalability. There has not been a solution that is totally external and benefits from an efficient, accurate, technology-enabled workflow. In response, our managed service partnership combines the Paperless Productivity® platform with global, end-to-end resources for the life cycle of any care-related task or document. The same industry-leading workflow and revenue cycle expertise are available to clients across the globe, including:
  • The majority of America’s largest providers and laboratories
  • 9 of the 10 largest Medicare plans
  • State and federal healthcare agencies

RCM Managed Services

Much waste in the revenue cycle comes from early errors in patient demographics or eligibility. Simple mistakes may result in protracted back-and-forth with payers, requiring investigation and corrections that consume precious time and may never result in full payment. Coding and billing are a similar story. Revenue requires accuracy. Accuracy at scale requires efficient, automated workflows that the provider space has generally lacked. When staffing is tight and workloads keeping growing along with the practice, it becomes impossible to do everything with the necessary precision. Through our managed revenue cycle services, providers of all sizes regain valuable time by taking advantage of world-class, worldwide support for essential data and documents. Please reach out to learn more about the innovative team and tools behind managed RCM services from Paperless Productivity.

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