OCR Solutions for Patient Registration

Patient registration automation is easier and more reliable with OCR (optical character recognition) software. For healthcare organizations, this translates to greatly improved patient registration systems and admitting processes. While the healthcare industry transitions from paper to digital and electronic processes in the wake of compliance regulations, paper cannot be eliminated from patient care. Patient registration and admittance will continue to be a department that handles high volumes of paper-based processes. From receiving physician referrals, to scanning a patient's health insurance card, paper will continue to be a reality for front office, administrative processes.

Industry-wide patient registration and admitting practices remain tied to paper based forms and manual input of data into EHR / EMR systems or electronic patient records for effective patient care. However this process is time-consuming and is prone to data inaccuracies due to errors commonly associated with manual data entry. This manual, paper based process can lead to patient dissatisfaction due to misfiling of patient records.

OCR Automation for Patient Registration & Admitting

OCR software helps healthcare organizations improve patient care through more automated patient registration / intake. It consists of is a highly intelligent and scalable data capture and processing solution that can accommodate high volumes of paper-based data. This can readily extract data from any scanned, paper-based document or electronic form and export data into any EMR / EHR system or network folder managed by an operator. Our OCR technology provides numerous features to ensure data integrity and improve current, labor intensive processes, and ensure HIPAA compliance through information security, such as:

  • Data capture to ensure data accuracy
  • Validation rules to ensure data accuracy
  • Automated classification
  • Secure data verification to ensure data security
  • Exportation of data to any Electronic Medical Record system
  • High scalability to capture data off of disparate documents or forms

This feature rich solution is user friendly and requires little end-user training. It can be deployed as a standalone or distributed solution that can be deployed a desktop or across the enterprise. And in today's increasingly diverse health care environment, users will benefit from support for handwritten languages including:

  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese
  • Russian

...and 107 others.

Benefits of OCR for Patient Registration Form Automation

OCR software provides organizations with improved patient registration processes that allows for better allocation of resources across the organization through reduction of labor. It provides an automated solution that ultimately improves patient wellness by providing a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Elimination human errors commonly associated with manual-data entry
  • Reduction of labor
  • Improved accuracy of patient health information
  • Increased auditability
  • More efficient insurance verification process
  • Improved patient satisfaction through ease of access to accurate information

Healthcare organizations can enjoy a more efficient and automated patient registration process that reduces their labor costs. Through this cost reduction, healthcare organizations are free to allocate resources to improving patient care and HIPAA compliance, rather than redundant administrative tasks. This applies to virtually all care-related workflows, from patient registration form automation to prescription order capture and even paperless EMR fax integration.

The time has never been more opportune to leverage cutting-edge OCR solutions for immediate improvement in the accuracy and efficiency of registration forms processing. Contact us today to learn more and/or to arrange a customized demonstration.

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