The prescription ordering process is often a slow and cumbersome one, especially as long as the vast majority of care providers continue to rely on paper documents for some/all of the prescription ordering process. Although electronic entry may mitigate issues of legibility, it remains extremely inefficient for employees of high-volume pharmacies to enter each new prescription order by hand.

As with all forms of manual data entry, this old-fashioned approach to Rx order processing is error-prone and fails to make use of substantial advances in technology. It also places pharmacies at a huge disadvantage in meeting electronic data availability requirements.

High-Tech Solutions for Prescription Ordering

Much as EMR software has helped hospitals reduce wait times and errors while improving communication and coordination, optical character recognition (OCR) technology can help pharmacies expedite order processing while minimizing errors.

  • Reduce manual Rx order processing time by 50-75% or more in most cases
  • Further automate drug interaction checking and other processes that require electronic prescription data
  • Set a custom OCR ‘certainty’ threshold and implement as much or as little human confirmation as desired
  • Automatically make and store electronic copies of each prescription order for internal reference or compliance purposes
  • Fully eliminate paper from Rx processing by integrating with a secure, low-cost, paperless Rx fax solution

Implementing Rx Automation with OCR

OCR software for prescription order processing is typically a high-ROI solution with instantaneous benefits in processing speed, ultimately resulting in faster and better patient care. The expertise of Paperless Productivity’s healthcare workflow experts ensures a closely-tailored solution, optimized for your organization’s unique documents, policies, and business demands.

Once paper has been eliminated through an Rx order faxing solution, OCR software also helps keep electronic data ever from being printed again, and allows for rapid integration of input and output with most Rx and pharmacy software. To learn more about how other pharmacies and hospitals have used OCR technology to improve care through prescription ordering automation, please contact us today.