E-Prescribe & Pharmacy Applications

The vast majority of hospitals still print some or all of their prescriptions, which makes the potential benefits of Rx fax digitization clear. But did you know that electronic Rx faxing and data capture still help hospitals that have fully digitized prescription orders?Whether through an EMR module or standalone application (such as Surescripts or Allscripts-NEPSI software), electronic prescriptions are gaining ground due to a combination of efficiency, patient safety, and regulatory changes. The workflow improvements are often substantial, as paper is largely removed from the prescription ordering workflow.

E-Prescribe Fax & OCR Integration

However, when certain prescriptions still need to be transmitted in hard copy, users tend to find themselves back at the fax machine, consuming costly paper and toner while wasting time better spent helping patients. Fortunately, for any Rx application or module capable of printing, the solution is as simple as a cost-effective digital fax solution or hosted fax service.
  • Maintain all legal and workflow benefits of fax without the costs of consumables, extra devices, and dedicated phone lines
  • Improve compliance with an automatic audit trail for every single fax
  • Implement strict and HIPAA-compliant document security while eliminating the risk of loose papers
  • Simplify customer service and cut costs by integrating tools like DocuTrack with an enterprise-grade fax platform
Some pharmacies will also continue sending renewals and other documentation on paper for the foreseeable future. Before long, processing these documents quickly becomes burdensome and error-prone. These difficulties have led many hospitals and practices to embrace cutting-edge OCR software, which automates Rx data capture and can help eliminate mistakes.
  • Cut processing time typically by 50-75% per document, and often more
  • Implement any accuracy threshold and human review processes your organization requires
  • Feed digital, human-validated data automatically into any application

Next Steps for a Paperless Prescription Workflow

If your hospital or office is still bogged down in paper and held up by inefficient workflows, then it’s time to discover how easily the paper problem can be solved. Our technical consulting team has architected fax and capture automation solutions for health care clients from single-physician offices to national hospital systems and insurers. For a live demo or complimentary workflow consultation, please contact us today.

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