RightFax & Network Fax Server FAQs

As the term “network fax server” is becoming more and more widely used, Paperless Productivity has put together this FAQ page to help clarify the meaning of the term, the options it entails (such as in-house vs. cloud / hosted fax servers), and its role in a 21st-century business.

What, exactly, is a network fax server?

Just as its name implies, this is a fax server accessible throughout the enterprise’s network.

In which industries are network fax servers most valuable?

In any industry that sees moderate- to high-volume faxing of business-critical documents, network fax solutions like RightFax can make a world of difference. Our own clients span a range of niches in both the public and private sectors, from law firms to hospitals to public agencies.

Recently, however, the healthcare industry has shown high and growing demand for network fax servers like RightFax. Healthcare has always been a paper-intensive industry with complex privacy requirements, which HIPAA heightened. With the addition of EMR / EHR requirements under the HITECH and Affordable Care Acts, fax server integration has changed from a welcome improvement to a practical requirement in many cases.

With which applications can we use a network fax server?

For all intents and purposes, almost every application in use is compatible with network fax servers like RightFax. As we often advise clients, if it can print, then it can fax! However, RightFax also offers native integration for many applications, which allows extremely sophisticated inbound and outbound fax capabilities, deeper integration with in-application data storage and retrieval, and many other benefits. Just a few of the major native integrations include:

  • EMR / EHR applications like NextGen, Epic, McKesson, GE / IDX, or eClinical Works
  • Accounting / ERP programs including SAP, Oracle, and Lawson
  • General workplace software such as Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes
  • Multi-function printers (MFPs) from companies like Canon, Xerox, Sharp, Ricoh, and HP

This is a very abbreviated list that highlights just some of the most popular RightFax fax server integrations. Contact a consultant to learn more about specific integration possibilities within your organization’s IT environment.

What is the difference between network, local, cloud / hosted, and hybrid fax servers? Which one is RightFax?

The latter three categories—local, cloud / hosted, and hybrid—are terms for various network fax server configurations. In other words, RightFax and all other network fax servers can be set up as one of those three types.

A local fax server runs on the organization’s own premises and own hardware. Dedicated servers and virtual machines are both widely used, depending on the customer’s IT resources and requirements.

A hosted or cloud fax server is run by an outside party. Enterprise-grade services like RightFax OnDemand allow dedicated and secure access for each customer. The primary advantages include instant scalability, maximal uptime, and low demands on in-house expertise and resources.

A hybrid fax server combines a local server with hosted telecom, or a hosted fax server with in-house telecom. The latter option is growing especially quickly in popularity, and can be advantageous for organizations that want to outsource as much infrastructure as possible while maintaining direct, personal control over their network fax server itself.

How can I find out more about fax server solutions for my organization?

Simply reach out to Paperless Productivity today to arrange a free consultation and a live, personalized demo. Our consulting and engineering teams have worked with almost every fax application across industries, and are always happy to share their insights. We look forward to hearing from you!

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