OCR and RightFax for Healthcare

Under HIPAA's stringent compliance measures, security and meaningful use are top of mind for health IT professionals'. Paperless Productivity® offers fax and optical character recognition (OCR) solutions to streamline healthcare information transmission, increase security, and facilitate HIPAA compliance.

OCR for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations around the country use optical character recognition software to Become Paperless℠ and improve patient care. ClaimsCapture is an intelligent, accurate and highly scalable data capture and document processing solution that drastically reduces an organization's commitment to paper-based processes and the errors associated with manual data entry. Beyond the tangible financial benefits of automating health care documents, a good implementation can measurably improvements to patient care. For instance, OCR can help healthcare orgs by:OCR helps healthcare organizations achieve HIPAA compliance by ensuring accuracy of data and aiding in HCAHPS compliance efforts through increased submission speeds of data to CMS or other stakeholders.

RightFax for Healthcare

Fax technology remains the predominant mode of transmission of protected health information (PHI) within the healthcare industry. Paperless Productivity specializes in fax for healthcare, providing digital fax solutions that integrate with any EMR / EHR system. RightFax was developed to maintain the highest levels of document security. RightFax assists healthcare organizations to securely send and receive faxes while securing PHI to those that should see this information, eliminating unauthorized viewing of PHI. RightFax gives healthcare organizations:

Fax and OCR for Healthcare

RightFax and OCR solutions provide healthcare organizations with efficient and low-cost paperless processes. RightFax provides a single point of entry of documents where data is made readily available and ingestible into any EMR / EHR application through data capture by the OCR tool. RightFax, coupled with OCR, provides healthcare organizations with a streamlined workflow that:
  • Eliminates paper documents
  • Ensures data accuracy
  • Improves patient care
  • Optimizes existing EMR / EHR applications
Click here now or call toll-free 1 888-838-0042 today to schedule a live demonstration and witness how RightFax and OCR can be leveraged to ensure HIPAA compliance, reduce costs, and improve patient care through quicker access to information.

Paperless Prescriptions & Rx Processing Automation

Paperless fax solutions and OCR technology can deliver astounding ROI by maximizing efficiency and minimizing human error. With continuing reliance on paper to some degree, virtually every hospital/office may benefit from these sophisticated yet user-friendly advances.

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