OCR coupled with RightFax fax server technology provides manufacturers Become Paperless® tools to improve processes and maintain a competitive advantage within their market. With the plethora of documents, orders and POs that manufacturing firms must process each day, simply controlling all the paper can be a daunting task. That's why results-oriented manufacturing organizations are putting workflow software in place, such as OCR and fax server technology, to bring together people, processes and documents resulting in improved efficiency, reduced costs and an efficient supply chain.

OCR for Manufacturing

OCR data capture and data conversion software assists manufacturing organizations accommodate the high volume of incoming documents inherent in the industry. The data capture tools extract data from any incoming document, either scanned, faxes or emailed, classifies, indexes and output the data to a network folder, ERP or Excel file as business-ready data. Manufacturing departments can leverage this technology as a forms processing solution to capture data off of any order form, invoice or PO and export the actionable data to initiate further workflows. OCR data capture reduces many of the steps necessary for manual form processing, including manual data entry for which errors are commonly associated.

OCR conversion software offers organization's an OCR solution to optimize document management practices. OCR technology effectively reads any "flat" or image based document (PDF, JPG, TIFF etc.) and transform the text contained on the page searchable through conversion into searchable PDF format. With various output methods, it accommodates disparate systems through exportation either to a network folder or into Microsoft SharePoint for enterprise wide search and retrieval. With OCR conversion, organization's can archive documents in a uniform fashion without ever losing a file again and with improved ease of access to information.

OCR solutions for manufacturing provide organizations with numerous benefits through automated purchasing, accounts payable and accounts receivable workflow solution , including:

  • Improved ease of access to business ready data
  • Improved worker productivity and efficiency
  • Improved paper document processing by automated document conversion to searchable formats
  • Reduced human errors associated with manual form processing
  • Full control over incoming document volume
  • Improved reporting functionality
  • Increased data accuracy
  • Shorter business cycle

Our OCR solutions provide manufacturing organizations with numerous benefits that improve efficiencies and decrease costs. Leveraging these technologies provide an organization with a strategic advantage.

RightFax for Manufacturing

RightFax serves as a secure document distribution method, providing a centralized document transmission system that eliminates costs and improves inefficiencies and processes. RightFax is the market leading fax server technology solution that can fully accommodate an organization's diverse document distribution needs and volumes. RightFax is a feature rich solution that integrates with many business specific systems (ERPs such as Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle and SAP) and provides organizations with audit tools necessary for tracking the flow of business-critical documents. RightFax is a very user-friendly solution due to native integrations with various mail-clients ( Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes), leveraging a familiar interface for the user community. RightFax integration with mail clients serves as a email to fax solution where faxing is as easy as sending an email. RightFax improves communication between suppliers and customers through reliable and faster document exchange. The added efficiencies serve as just one of the many benefits of leveraging RightFax fax server technology, other benefits include:

  • Centralized location for fax and email for easy management
  • Integration of document distribution solution with existing systems
  • Improved tracking of documents
  • Elimination of costs associated with paper faxing such as paper and toner, creating large cost-savings
  • Improved productivity through email to fax integration
  • Improved communications between suppliers and customers

RightFax combines the security of fax with the ease of email extending efficiencies across the organization. RightFax integrates with existing systems to accommodate the document distribution needs of any organization no matter the various requirements.

OCR and RightFax for Manufacturing

OCR solutions and RightFax can be leveraged to provide a manufacturing organizations with full workflow that improves productivity, reduces costs and improves current processes. With RightFax, incoming faxes are receiving via the RightFax server. The RightFax server essentially virtualizes the process of paper scanning and printing. When leveraging RightFax and OCR, incoming documents are received via RightFax in the form of PDFs or TIFF files and delivered to email or network folder. After fax receipt, the data extraction/conversion tool automatically performs OCR on the incoming documents, either performing document processing or creating fully searchable text for export into various business systems. RightFax-OCR workflow grants organizations with a fully automated solution that extends numerous benefits, such as:

  • Provides single point of entry for processing and archival of documents
  • Improves worker productivity and operational efficiency
  • Reduction of labor costs
  • Exportation of business ready data into existing applications (SharePoint, SAP, Oracle etc.)

Implementing RightFax with OCR solutions gives manufacturing organizations a strategic advantage through leveraging low-cost, efficient paperless processes, easy importation of business ready data into any supply chain, inventory or other existing systems and enhanced document tracking. With this strategic advantage, manufacturing organizations can improve internal processes and improve supplier and customer relations.