EMR Scanning Solutions & Paperless Medical Records Scanning

EMR scanning is the juncture between paper documents and paperless information management. Secure, accurate scanning is essential for care and compliance, but most offices find this process costly and cumbersome. From small practices to large hospitals, staff have precious little time to spend scanning stacks of documents. In many cases, papers arrive via fax and are even printed on old-school fax machines. Employees must collect the faxed pages and manually scan each one into the EMR—cumbersome in its own right—all while heeding HIPAA regulations about the visibility of protected health information (PHI). This laborious process seems unsustainable as healthcare costs rise and budgets tighten.

Automating the Scan-to-EMR Workflow

Providers will continue receiving high volumes of faxes for the foreseeable future. Given the medical and legal importance of scanning to EMR, is it possible to safely streamline this process?Many organizations find that a digital fax solution all but eliminates manual scanning and input. With just a few clicks (at most) from the desktop, these paperless alternatives accomplish avoid hours of tedious tasks.
  • Receive and process every fax electronically, without the printing costs or compliance risks of loose paper documents
  • Automate import to most EMR and other health care applications
  • Extend paperless inbound and/or outbound faxing to all other software (and most MFPs / MFDs) in use
  • Achieve a rapid ROI (typically in months, not years)

Paperless Fax Integrations for EMR Scanning Automation

Digital faxing can automate or replace the old scan-to-EMR workflow for all common applications. Some of the most widely implemented integrations include:A multitude of other native scan-to-EMR integrations are also available, and still more are in development. Your solutions consultant will help guide you through the functionalities and requirements specific to your own EMR, telecom, and general IT environments. Paperless Productivity specializes in integrating fax and data capture solutions to make health care workflows more efficient and secure. With clients ranging from rural clinics to regional and national hospital systems, as well as major insurers and claims processors, our technical expertise is accompanied by a robust understanding of the health care industry. When you are ready to learn more about automating EMR scanning, simply contact us to arrange a consultation, demonstration, or complimentary workflow analysis.

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