RightFax-McKesson EMR Integration

RightFax integration with McKesson EMR / EHR software provides McKesson EMR users with a HIPAA compliant document delivery solution that allows for simplified and streamlined faxing. With healthcare organizations working to reach Level 1 and Level 2 Meaningful Use, healthcare information technology (HIT) budgets are stretched thin. RightFax provides an easy-to-use, cost effective way to optimize use of McKesson EMR / EHR software and support HIPAA compliance initiatives. McKesson-RightFax integration maximizes productivity and reduce administrative costs while effectively improving patient care in the process. RightFax is the market-leading digital fax solution worldwide. Paperless Productivity® specializes in healthcare-specific RightFax integration and extends that expertise to streamline processes and maximize efficiency within healthcare organizations.

RightFax-McKesson EMR Capabilities

RightFax integration with McKesson EMR extends the feature rich capabilities of RightFax to McKesson EMR users and adopters. RightFax offers McKesson a HIPAA compliant document delivery solution that provides a rich user experience and cuts costs associated with traditional. McKesson developers wrote directly to the RightFax COM API, creating a rock solid integration which allows McKesson users to:
  • Fax prescriptions from McKesson
  • Send physician referrals from McKesson EMR and Horizon Patient Folder
  • Track and audit inbound and outbound fax activity
  • Establish user fax permissions to ensure PHI security
  • Receive automated delivery receipt notifications
Paperless Productivity developed a RightFax-McKesson workflow thereby optimizing the integration through improvement of importing data from inbound faxes to McKesson. Using this workflow, McKesson users can perform assisted data entry to add index fields by assigning metadata to incoming faxes and exporting the index fields directly to the EMR. RightFax integration with McKesson Healthcare Paperless Productivity also offers an automated data entry workflow solution to input data from received faxes into the McKesson with OCR software. RightFax-McKesson integration provides a streamlined user experience that can be custom fit to your organization's faxing and compliance demands.

RightFax-McKesson Integration Benefits

RightFax-McKesson integration extends the feature rich RightFax solution to provide McKesson adopters with an improved method of document distribution that not only aids compliance efforts, but accommodates budgetary limitations through cost-savings. RightFax-McKesson users can expect to see many benefits, such as:
  • HIPAA compliance support through secure document distribution
  • Reduced document delivery costs commonly associated with paper fax
  • Near elimination of paper-based, manual processes
  • Easy management of fax infrastructure
  • Reduction of operational costs through added employee efficiency and productivity
  • Improved patient care through PHI security and faster information exchange
RightFax-McKesson integration provides healthcare organizations with the ability to turn document delivery into a strategic advantage. McKesson optimized by RightFax serves as a cost-effective means to securely distribute PHI in manner that supports compliance and minimizes disruption to existing processes. Looking for other EMR fax / EHR fax integrations? RightFax brings the same cost-cutting and efficiency-boosting benefits to all leading health care applications, such as:</ul...and virtually all other clinical and business software. Contact us today for further information or to schedule a customized demonstration.

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