RightFax, the market-leading digital fax solution, provides purchasing departments a secure document delivery system that streamlines processes and improves efficiency to reduce flow time. RightFax is a scalable and customizable enterprise fax platform that supports any fax volume, business requirements, or existing software systems. RightFax serves as an ideal solution for purchasing departments with tested, native integrations with SAP and Oracle and ability to export documents and data to any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

RightFax Capabilities for Purchasing

RightFax grants purchasing departments a tool to accommodate the mass volumes of incoming documents into the purchasing workflow. From invoices to purchase orders, purchasing departments must handle a large amount of document types from various input methods making organization of incoming documents difficult. RightFax provides a centralized solution that can be integrated with an organization's email client to provide a familiar, user-friendly interface for faxing and secure email all on the users desktop for simple document organization. RightFax grants Oracle and SAP users the ability to export financial data directly from the ERP to the fax solution for simplified and efficient transmission of financial information. RightFax provides many other capabilities and functionalities to improve purchasing workflows, such as:
  • Send, receive and manage faxes and emails in the same centralized location through email client integration
  • Native integration with Oracle and SAP
  • Receive inbound fax traffic to SAP Office, Outlook, Lotus Notes, network folder or printer
Purchasing departments using RightFax for their document delivery needs will improved processes that drastically reduce administrative errors and added efficiency with limited time needed for adoption and training.

RightFax for Purchasing Benefits

Leveraging RightFax's industry leading features and functionalities streamline purchasing workflows and drastically reduce cash-flow time. Instituting RightFax as the preferred document delivery method for purchasing can be a huge win for organizations as it:
  • Eliminates costs associated with traditional faxing (toner and paper)
  • Maximizes employee productivity
  • Optimizes investment in ERP system
  • Improves service and performance
  • Improves cash-flow time
With RightFax, procurement departments have the ability to leverage their existing systems and processes to drastically improve productivity and efficiency. RightFax grants organization's a solution to securely distribute documents in a manner that reduces cash-flow time, improves performance and cuts costs.