Where do you think ABBYY fits in your "Paperless Productivity" technology portfolio?

Shamel Naguib:

"You know, ABBYY fits in our portfolio in several different ways. Most of our clients that we focus on are in healthcare or in financial institutions where that data is really critical. It's important to keep it safe, it's important to process it quickly. People's financial lives, or their health lives are dependent on the acceleration of that data capture and that extraction, and making business decisions based off of that. So, at Paperless Productivity, ABBYY is a really critical part of our overall solution portfolio. So whether documents are coming in electronically via fax or whether they're being scanned or whether they're coming in via email, we're...whether we're capturing them via a mobile of the really critical things about ABBYY's platform is that it's really device-agnostic, it's really input-agnostic. Wherever the data's coming from, where the image is coming from, doesn't really matter. ABBYY's power is to process any of those images and to be able to present that data in a useful way for our clients. So the combination of us being able to incorporate electronic fax software with ABBYY, along with document management, that really creates an end-to-end solution for our clients. ABBYY's a….is a key component of that tripod, so to speak, that really helps keep our company up to date." Full video here.